China (中国)

Flag of China.

Chinese flag.

Back in 2008 I have made my way to China, a fascinating country that also goes by the lovely more romantic name of the Middle Kingdom (中国 in simplified and 中國 in traditional Chinese script). I spend a month backpacking through cities and villages, cycling in the fairytale-like countryside of Guangxi, hiking in the picturesque foothills of the Himalayas in Yunnan, climbing the stunning Huangshan mountains in Anhui Province, and relaxing on the gorgeous beaches of Hainan Dao. It was an amazing trip filled with beautiful images, places, and people.


– SHANGHAI: The Old City of Shanghai: My Walk through Chinese History into the Garden of Happiness

– GUANXI PROVINCE: Climbing the Dragon’s Backbone: My Visit to Lóngshèng Rice Terraces

1 Hong Kong, Hong Kong
2 Guangzhou, China
3 Guilin, China
4 Yangshuo, China
5 Longsheng, China
6 Guilin, China
7 Kunming, China
8 Shilin, China
9 Kunming, China
10 Lijiang, China
11 Kunming, China
12 Nanjing, China
13 Huang Shan, China
14 Hangzhuo, China
15 Shanghai, China
16 Sanya, China
17 Shenzhen, China
18 Hong Kong, China