About Me

Hello friends! My name is Leszek and I live in London. This is where home is. For the past years I have travelled and backpacked my way on 4 different continents. I’ve seen many wonderful things and met dozes of wonderful people. Finally the time has come to write it all down.

Welcome to my blog!

Hampstead Heath. London.


I never really thought about or planned this. Independent travelling and backpacking was never really on the agenda. Financially, travelling through various remote countries of the globe seemed impossible, definitely not something done on the cheap. In fact, it seemed so far out of my reach that I didn’t even bother researching the opportunities I never knew I had. The idea of travelling outside of Europe without heaps of money to support me simply didn’t appear feasible – I grew up watching people spending lots of money on package tours or some sort of organised family holidays. Mid-November 2007, quite anxious, I set off for my first adventure in the Philippines without any backpacker role models. Before that trip I never met any experienced backpackers, anyone who travelled spontaneously choosing his destination, often not knowing where he or she would sleep next night. Never before had I met anyone who would frequently be confused about which day of the week it was simply because it really didn’t matter, or anyone used to getting by with just a few t-shirts, or accustomed to having cold showers in cockroach infested crumbling shower rooms, or simply washing yourself in rivers that meander through sub-tropical forests. Yet these are, among many others, things I ended up doing, oftentimes in the precious company of other like-minded free-spirited travellers with whom I struck up friendships and together with whom I joined the backpackers’ hippie community that spans the globe.

Backpacking in Asia. Crossing the Laos-Cambodia border.
Backpacking in Asia. Crossing the Laos-Cambodia border.


Free-spirited is the key adjective here, because I, like so many people I met during my travels, fight hard not to let myself be encumbered with the pressure that modern society exerts on everyone of us, expecting us to live our lives within certain types of framework that involve college, work, marriage, mortgage, and getting old. There’s more to life that this. There is a whole world our there, filled with different customs, cultures, climates, languages, that just waits to be discovered by ourselves in person, not via the Discovery Channel or some such. This world is waiting for us! While we are still young, while we still can, while we haven’t given up to social expectations yet…

Hitchhiking along the roads of Oaxaca region, Mexico.

Somewhere out there lives an elderly lady we can share a meal with in a small hut in the Himalayas, there are locals with whom we can ride an old rickety bus on the dusty roads of Cambodia, there is a middle-aged Mexican man sporting a large mustache who will let you climb onto his truck and will drive you for free along the countryside roads of Oaxaca, there’s a friendly Moroccan dweller of Fez who will invite you to his home for sweet mint tea just so that he converse with you in English for a while, there’s a passing Filipino villager who will repair your motorbike when you are stuck in the middle of the densely-forested Bohol Island… there are friendly people there, people who would share a bowl of plain rice with you even though they hardly have enough to feed their family, people to whom money isn’t the most important thing in life, to whom money isn’t the ultimate symbol of happiness, people from whom we all could learn a thing or two.